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Help with having things proffesionally made and printed?


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I'm entering my 3rd year of uni and I really want to make this last push worth it towards my degree.

Thing is, I have some ideas for projects already but the only thing is that I have no idea how to go about actually having them printed professionally without having to have a bulk deal. Most printers ive looked at will print a minimum of 50 of something... I can't have 50 printed of each thing I hand in for every project. I'm in Wales by the way. Anyone know of any way or printers that will print less than a min of 50 of something? (in my case, books). I also want to choice of adding spot-gloss, tear outs etc to it. I guess what i want is just an overall professional print and binding.

Also, one project idea is to design a line of stationary. I want to have some samples made. How do I do this? where do i ask about this??

Thanks alot


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Hi mflo,

Welcome to DF, most universities have their own print departments where you can get one-off digital prints, so maybe try them first off? Other than that with my uni projects I used to use a local digital print shop, and then mock up as best as I could, obviously you may be limited when it comes to things like spot gloss.

The printers and guys with more print experience may have some more useful tips for this, also found this link on Print Week, not entirely the same question, but may help > One-off print jobs and point-of-sale | printweek.com | Latest Print Industry News, Jobs, Features, Product Reviews, Used Printing and Packaging Machinery



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Greg, thanks for that link! Found it very useful! As for university printing, I'm hoping to avoid printing anything in uni. On many occasions my work has suffered due to the quality of the prints (faulty printers leaving stains and "dirt marks" over everything)

neildigital, thanks very much for your interest. unfortunately right now it is just an idea for next year so nothing is actually made or planned out yet, i mainly just wanted to find options for printing in advance so that when the time comes I know where to go. however i'll definitely let you know when i know more about what it is im doing.
I would find yourself a digital professional print service. Any litho printer will not be able to produce just one design due to the process involved, however a digital printer is different. I'd recommend finding someone with a HP Indigo digit printer - really good quality compared to most digital printers - explain your situation to them and they may agree to print just one of each design as a special request to help you out.

Knidest regards,