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Help with fonts.

I'm not sure if some tattooists even use font's as a reference or if some have done text over and over again in different styles that they can create their own freehand design. Someone else might be able to give you a better answer and I'd be interested to find out


Senior Member
Most have their own style of writing and if someone is more suited to that style they'll do it for you :)

I always think it's better to get them to do it completely bespoke for you, at least then you won't have the same tattoo as someone else!


Junior Member
As a fan of Miami Ink and LA Ink, I'd say talk to the tattooist they will guide you and give the best advice on style and placement, after all they are the expert, they will let you give it your own personal tweat but they know more about type, colour etc...

Hope this helps:)


Junior Member
I agree - chat to a good tattoo artist and they should be able to advise you. I'd take those samples in so you have a starting point.

I also advise you to research local tattoo artists even if it means having to travel a bit to get your piece done. They all have their own styles and strengths so you'll need to find one that suits the style you'd like. Don't just go for somewhere your mates say is good - check out the artists' portfolios online.

It's worth it, trust me! My first tattoo was done at the local tattoo shop and it came out alright in terms of replicating what I wanted but the artist didn't have a good technique - they went far too deep, it hurt more than it should do and as a result it's quite raised. On the other hand, for my huge back piece I selected an artist based on their portfolio and am amazed at the results - even the artist is so pleased with it, it's going in his portfolio!