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Help with e calendar!!


Junior Member
Hello everyone - just joined the DF and wondered if anyone knows much about e calendars. A client has asked me to create one for them - I was going to create a pdf for them to email out but they want to send it to 200 people instead of printing a desk top version! - has anyone ever done one before - how does it work or is it something I need them to visit a specialist company for?

Many thanks:rolleyes:
This would probably be better in another section but here goes.

Questions you need to be asking.

1.What is the calendar for? (Who Will use it? What will it be used for? Will people need to add events etc to it?
2. Is the calendar just acting as a mailer? (Will someone just generate the calendar and mail it out?

From what you've said it sounds like they want the calendar designing in something such as Adobe InDesign and then sending it out? Make sure you keep the file size down as it could become quite large.