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help with adding a h1 tag please


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On my site I'm using an image as a header.
According to this thread it should be possible to put the h1 tags either end of the html,
 <img src="images/logo.png" alt="Image Resolutions" /> to<h1><img src="images/logo.png" alt="Image Resolutions" /></h1>
this however doesn't seem to want to work on mine as everytime I've tried it's made it disappear, I've tried alternative arrangements too including sticking the h1 in the class bit but again it doesn't work.

The code I'm using for my image is
<img class="welcome" src="media/images/titles/welcome.jpg" alt="Welcome" width="88" border="0" />/
and the img class bit links to
.welcome /*agl rulekind: base;*/ { position: absolute; top: 135px; left: 32px; width: 88px; height: 33px; }
It's all validated via w3c but for some reason its not liking my h1 tags - any suggestions on how to fix it as this is the only bit I'm currently stumped on :(

Full site is available by clicking on smiley in sig, only first page is fully sorted at the moment as I need to do some adjustments to the others so they all match :)

Thanks in advance


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you could have clicked the smiley as its the first page there (they're all based around the same principle so if I get one working I can get the rest working) :)

I'll pm it too but its Image Resolutions
The image is the 'welcome' one on this page (its different on other pages but same principle) and its literally at the bottom of the html (just above the text)

Ta very muchly


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Onartis said:
I saw this before when you posted it up, but it's not until now that I am questioning your method :rolleyes:

Why is it so important for non-css viewers to see both headings (text and image) ?
It isn't in all cases, the example on that page is not the best I could have used, but when you're working with logos it can be useful. You get the companies name in text (also has SEO benefits) and you get an image of said logo too.


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I actually managed to sort it with some help from Andy (ta very muchly) and it is using a span (hidden) approach and has been implemented on the first page and will be used on some other pages too as I managed to get it working on the services page (which is to be redone) which is using rollover images.
It might not be the most universally compatible approach (hell I'm still learning :)) but it should work fine on a desktop browser, as to mobile browsers well they'll be getting their own customised site anyways :)


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Hay fella according to your code your H1 tag just says Welcome.

Now the H1 tag has SEO benefits, and should always include your main keyword for that page in it as a result, I would change it, and the image or you will create a possible penalization, to say at least, Welcome to Image Resolutions or just move it up to around your logo on your home page.



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The sites still work in progress, I might be changing the first page a little to add like a 'sales pitch' blurb header yet. I used the image that was there as a reference more than anything as I know welcome isn't necessarily the best word to have for search engines :)
I'll probably end up making the image resolutions text bit into h1 and then the sub headings into h2 etc.
Plus I'm still learning bits about seo as I'm going, its such a god damn huge subject that I learn something else that might be worth implementing each time I read a damn 'tips' page. :blink: