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Help With A Piece Of Artwork

Hi all,

I've been asked to do a piece of artwork, taking a image of a dinosaur create a second layer and turn the scales on the skin into white dots so these can be printed using a raised puff print, ive tried to isolate the scales only but with so many tones im really struggling, tried turning the image into black & white and ajusting the contrast and exposure ect, tried magic wand, but its not really happening, any help or advice on how to isolate the scales would be appreciated...(have attached image i have to work with)
Kind regards



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Have you tried with something like a photocopy filter, probably adjusting with levels/contrast etc first? Layer styles?


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Ok - so you don't really need tone to print the raised part of the image.

You just need the dots, and the raised beads stick to these dots.

If what you're saying is what I think it is you're saying you're talking about thermographing.

All I did here was converted it to grayscale.

Ran an Unsharp Mask to get the detail to a finite stage.

Then adjusted the levels to get where I needed to.

What's black is where the ink will sit - then the thermographic beads stick to the wet ink.

It's then put through a dryer and the thermo beads become raised.

I may be completely wrong. But you should really ask the printers to clarify.


Hi Hank, thanks for that mate....its a real pain this one as the original image needs to sit as is underneath the raised puffer print which is im sure you know a plasterol with a kinda foam mix, so the actual inner scales become the raised puffer and you still get some tones of the Rex coming through the areas not effected by the puff print...ive tried Wardy's version and sent to printers to see how this works out...


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I've printed plastisol in t-shirt printing, but not plasterol :) I've never done any raised puffer as you describe. Sounds interesting. Keep us updated on how it's going :)
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