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Help!!! What is Sweet Page?

Hi All
I've recently downloaded some Polaroid software which I have removed now, because unsafe. And I've found out that I've been attacked by a site called sweet-page.com that is changing a lot of settings on my computer. It has set itself as a starting page and I can't remove it. It has also changed my Chrome settings somehow, and I have lost all the pages from my previous sessions. What can I do to remove it from my computer?
Thanks NCRPADS; I'll try the Anvi tool. The other things, though, I'd tried them yesterday, but
maybe the hijacker has become more expert now, and the name Sweet-page doesn't appear among the programs.
Another program that is involved is Bubble Dock SurfMatch; it's among the add-ons; it says it's disabled, but
I can't remove it and I don't think it is. Bubble Dock SurfMatch also, as Swqeet-page, does not appear among the
installed programs in the Control Panel.


Staff member
general rule if this pops up on relatives computers....
- check add remove programs - set to show latest installed at the top, and then remove any trace of the 'software' or new software that doesn't relate to your main programs
- run antivirus
- run anti malware software (malwarebytes or spybot search and destroy are two options)
- run ccleaner (use this with caution - ask if you get stuck)
reset all your browser homepages, uninstall any toolbars etc
If this all fails then it may require editing your registry files, not recommended for less knowledgeable pc users without instructions because this can kill your windows install or in some cases a complete reinstall from scratch
Hi Levi. Thanks. I've deleted many fun application that were downloaded after sweet-page. but there is one that doesn't look a game: it says Matrix Storage Manager, from Intel corporation. Do I have to remove that too? Also I've noticed that in the Control Panel it looks as if I've downloaded Photoshop on 17-1-2014, while it's been there for a year!!!
Who are these Sweet-page people? Why are they doing this? It certainly doesn't make people keen on using their search engine, does it... mystery...
if anyone has additional ideas please tell me. I'm trying not to re-format my pc because I have al lot of stuff I need in it. Also I don't know how to do it ^_^


Staff member
matrix storage manager by INTEL, the company that makes the cpu and chipset in your computer.... thats fine, leave alone as that controls your hard drives
Based on what you're saying here, I'm sorry but I would say it would be easier to find a local computer expert and pay them to come and sort out the system for you, it will be a lot quicker for you and less risk to the pc and it's contents (which I'd recommend you back up now)...
edit: and just delete that string from internet options and stick in www.google.co.uk or www.google.com and then save it... assuming it's the 'homepage' link