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[Help] weaving paths in illustrator for monogram

Hey everyone, I'm looking for a clean way to "weave" lines in illustrator. Does anyone have a good tutorial or system for doing something like this?

As it is I'm using two layers, one an outline, another solid. I then break up the outline paths to create the weaving effect. It's pretty time consuming, but there's a worse issue, where as soon as the path is broken it goes from an outer edge outline, to a centered outline along the path. This then cuts into the solid shapes.
I am not able to make these white lines any thicker because they are expanding into the shape, rather than away from it.

Any insight or methods, or ideas on how to keep an outline along one edge of a broken path so that this doesn't happen?



I see you found the solution on your own :) - but for another time, even though its outlined to shapes, you can still add/decrease thickness of it by using effects->Path->offset path and give it a positive or negative value :)
Thanks for that helpful tip as well. I'm still learning all the ins n outs of illustrator, always good to know what can be done!

Here's a progress shot of what I'm working on, critiques anyone?
I've never done a monogram before, but they have always interested me.


You're welcome to contact me any time if you got a question about illustrator :) - It is illustrator i work with most of the times, so i got a lot of it covered.

Looks nice! ;)