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Help wanted to find support websites or phone numbers


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Hay guys and gals.
Right I am creating a new section that will offer support for my visitors.
Now it will include websites and numbers for any support organization.

Each area will be split up into relevant categories.
For example support for Alcoholics.
That category will then include support organizations for people to stop being dependant on drink.

Drugs, would be another 1, FRANK comes to mind.

Abused partners would be another.

Connextions would be another example.

Hopefully I want to add 1 for rare disease such as Pangea, dwarfism what ever just sites that support people and parents or children, or allows people with a disability to meet other people with that disbaility.

Now anyone have any, if they don't have a website a phone number will do, I will then create a dedicate page for each organization.

If I haven't listed one but you think it may be applicable just post it below and I will consider it.

However sites that are consider to be just 1 big ad wont be included, only sites of value.

For example sites like ~

Are prefect!!!!

Design is not important, just the value of the help given and or content.
Cheers for any organizations.



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Sounding good Jibittyjazajay.

One question, are you planning on becoming affiliates with the companies you're listing, or just linking upto them?

Also, would it just be a one page site with links/numbers etc, or would it be spread across a few categories and sub-pages?

EDIT: Second question answered :D Sorry!


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Frank could use a redesign... or is that not the purpose of this topic?

I don't know where I know this organisation from but I remembered the name and googled it Partners in Prevention

Don't know anything for the last one...


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TBH I haven't checked it out, lol.

It will be a sub section to a sub section within my site.
Each category will be split up into individual pages with a "home" page containing the lot.
Each sub category in this section would then have links to a dedicated page about that organization, charity number, phone number, website and a description of what they offer, I may add more things once I have a few sites to add to it.

If they offer such a programme then yes if not then no, TBH.
Affiliate programme will obviously have a higher importance with in the list though but it will be made clear that I am affiliated with that site.


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Yeah that sort of site, I would prefer more that are aimed at purely helping abused partners, shelter I think comes to mind, but that will be added.

Cheers for posting.