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Help - Unorthodox website design!

Hi all

I am creating my own website (a simple 4 page affair) for my design company. I have no budget to go to a professional web designer so I have no choice but to do this myself. I use the rather unorthodox method of designing my pages in design software such as illustrator, creating an image of it to bring into photoshop and then "slicing" it and using the save for web option.

My current site can be seen at lawtzdesign.com if you need reference.

My question is, when designing the original image what size in pixels should I use? I think the last one was something like 800 wide. The problem with the method in question is that when I bring it into the likes of dreamweaver, it doesnt fit the page so I have to set a background colour, which is fine if you background all the same colour, but my design idea at the moment includes a coloured bar along the top and the rest of the page white background. Does this make sense? See www.redbackcricket.com so see the type of style I mean.

Any help appreciated on the pixels I need to use and how I can get around having white edges at the sides of my top bar!

Pure HTML+CSS will do the trick. No graphics needed.

What kind of "design" is your company selling? Don't you think it's rather bogus to offer website design if you can't do it (I would assume you offering websites includes implementation)?


Senior Member
I don't think anyone on here would recommend slicing as a form of web design. You'll find it won't take long to pick-up the basics from somewhere like W3Schools, at very least that will allow you to implement the header/footer design into your current site.