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Help to make a banner


New Member
Hello! I need some help. Can someone please define what a "Static JPG" is? I have been requested to make a banner as part of a design task for junior intern role. They have also requested a Super Leaderboard size of (970x90). Where would you recommend I make the banner? I have the Adobe Suite on my laptop.
Thank you!!


Staff member
I'd suggest if you don't know then maybe this role isn't for you?

Not to be insulting or anything.

Static means something that doesn't move - did they supply you with an animated gif or something?

Anyway - you're to make a JPEG that's 970 pixels x 90 pixels for an online ad campaign - an advert that doesn't move. It's just a single jpeg.

Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Fireworks, etc. are all programs that can do this task.

Got to admit this is really basic stuff - you should brush up on your terminology and learn the internet of things.