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Help / suggestions / criticism - need help :D

Hi guys,

being alone at School of Education in de Design department its a little hard to improve your work. I felt in this last years that i really needed some collaboration to improve myself... i started my website: designi1.com and start to make post about design (the only purpose was to keep updated about the design reality ). Its hard to have nice suggestions from that people (didnt understand a shi*** about design should be - im realizing that me neither so i need to improve).

Well but isnt because of this that i´m creating a new thread. It will be realize in 2010 in our school one big international event. The theme is "Sustainable World". I´ve started a few days some sketch from what could be the Image Identity for this year... i want to make it all in vector work for easy web/print etc etc use.

Feel free to share what you think about it... isnt the final work its just a sketch. Need some inspiration to make this really better. Like the mud, and the sky....


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Look at your kerning (esp on 'Wo') and the '7th…' sentence needs some better alignment with the other text/elements on the page.


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How about adding roots to the grass that could intertwine with the type to add further interest? and how about some insects/animals in the soil or in the sky?


I was going to say about the soil bit making it a bit textured and mottled.. but Greg beat me to it :p


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maybe use some other font on "7th international week..." ( what font did you use)
It seems to rounded imo.
I like the heading though.
Ty everyone,

just came now to work and got nice surprise:

@allyally2k its just sketch not defined yet and the middle got more detail. Btw the white balls in the sky are the clouds :D or i try .. snow isnt bad at all so guess np :D

@Harry yea ;S i´m already working on it... i guess ill try to define the logo today.

@chrismitchell @Greg - you got nice imagination ty. i guess the roots would be amazing :D and texture also (alreday think about this texture option but didnt find any good texture or no inspiration to draw one :S)

@g3m1nn1 for this project im using "harabara" free font type for the logo and titles... full tests perhaps i´ll use delicious, meta, or another.. need to see first. to soon to think in this step already!

Thanks all... going to work on it now


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Looks good overall.

First thing I would say is that I'm not sure it would be great for print as you would not see the depth that is viewable on screen and it may look a bit 'cartoony'.

Maybe add a bit of yellow to the light beams.
Typography needs a little bit of work - I like the font but def some kerning issues
Maybe stroke/gradient/drop shadow the clouds to separate it out a bit
and I agree about the soil needing something extra like roots or some texture.

Overall good though.

Nice work
resume: (new clouds, deph, more animals, texture). Ty to all in advance :D as you can see at the picture my PC is very very slow crashing all the time :(

Sort of message "no memory" and them:

soon as i get significant changes i´ll post here again :D

once more, ty for you feedback, really apreciate.
Hey again,

today i got the first meeting with all team around of IWE and showed the image that i´ve donne... not finished and it maintains the sketch status :D

Well, feedback wasn´t so good as i aspected so i´m little disappointed and unhappy :(

Sustainable world can be and large subject and they didn´t like that simple landscape. Ofc, i said something that cant be done but showed (this will had some flowers, and wind turbine... )... so i may need to humanized a litle the artwork made at this point (and logo also).

the web site is this: IWE2010, 7th International Week of ESEC - Sustainable World you can check the evolution. Tried to make it simple as the last one. More deep. Logo himself IWE2010 cant be connected only to nature... so i may remove the motives on it...or find some solution to humanized it.

made some suggestions like you said at the Clouds (need to try another techniques ),
@Harry - i´ve align the logo;
@Greg - i really sux at your suggestion.Try to make some roots but suxed!!! Made Flamingo and ill make a stork caring a baby :D maybe helped to humanized a little (can be good metaphor like if you kill nature you kill your children ) :D
@ChrisMitchell - download today two images... Really can make some facy ventor soil. Going to use some image. lets see what ill be the result.
@mrp2049 - yea the sky works better that way. More deep on it.
@charles - sorry charles :( really dont have experience with kerning and typo :S

TY all for the good feedback... you´ve donne!