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HELP!! Starting new job tomorroww!!!


Senior Member
dont be scared, they wouldnt have given yer the job if you sucked :p

and you can take a baseball bat if people are douchebags :)


Senior Member
Was going to say something similar to Harry,

Everyone there will have been in a similar situation so will know how you feel!

Enjoy your first day!


Well-Known Member
Just be thrilled you got a job in this climate and go in there with the intention of kicking all descriptions of ass and be done with it!
I started a new job for a web development company 3 weeks ago. Once I got here and sat down I was fine! Once you get settled in you'll be great don't worry about it, good luck! x
yea good luck, and just remember, they employed you because they think you're great :D ... so i'm sure you will be, just do your thing and you'll be fine.