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Help save the world with your graphics design skills! (Pro Bono Work)

Hi I'm sorry if this is inappropriate and the moderator should feel free to delete this message if this is the case. But to cut a long story short, I work for a project in the Atlantic Rain Forest region of Brazil whose aim is to arrest - and in some ways to attempt to reverse some of the devastation created as a result of deforestation in this region over the last 30 or 40 years. The project page can be found here: https://en.iracambi.com/ It is basically a biological/ecological scientific research station in the heart of the Brazilian rain forest there.

For reasons that will be happy to share with anyone who's interested via PM, we need to produce a brochure from the information that's available on our web site. Unfortunately my own graphics presentation skills - and those of the majority of the remainder of the team, are not particularly great - and so we are looking to outsource for some help. Can anyone here possibly assist? The requirement is primarily to produce a brochure in English - but we also need to translate this brochure into as many European and international languages as possible - so any volunteers offering translation services would be warmly appreciated. We are an entirely 'not for profit' organisation and are unable to offer any financial incentives for your participation. (We pay only in Karma, Ha-ha.) However if you are willing to help, we can at least offer you the satisfaction that you are doing your bit to help conserve a vital natural resource that is currently under severe threat. Please feel free to PM me if interested. You would be working directly with the program director any myself to produce the finished article. We would also welcome any offers of printing services.

Although I'm not a graphics artist myself (by any means) we can at least provide a rough sketch of how we might like the brochure to look - although if you can bring your own creative spark to the task and make improvements, this would also be warmly welcomed.

With warm thanks to all.


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I've allowed this for now - feel free if you want to work Pro Bono, make sure to get your name on the brochure and of course, it's always yours to put in your portfolio when done.


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Rather than try and target individual designers which most of us are on here, you really need to find a large organisation who can handle this
and use it as an advertising opportunity, maybe?
I agree with @Wardy when it comes to reaching out to a large organisation. You might have more luck doing so. Also there's one thing that I can't understand. It's why people think that design is something that could be free. It feels a bit like it's devaluing the industry. A graphic designer puts a lot of time and effort in creating a design. The designer should therefore be paid accordingly. Have you ever gone to a car mechanic and asked him for free labour? He would never do it. Perhaps in rare circumstances.

Being a not for profit organisation doesn't mean that you don't have any costs or that everything is free. All organisations have their costs. Offices, energy costs, employee costs etc. You mention that you have a website and that's costs for the hosting at least. Isn't it? Also if the brochures will be printed that will be costs. So I don't understand why you can't pay a graphic designer to do the job.
I'd be interested in this project and run an agency that could handle the work. The only terms we have when doing pro-bono work is that we handle the design strategy and creative direction alongside the print design so that we have a project that can benefit our portfolio. If you'd like to have a chat about this please DM me and I'll send over some more details about how we could collaborate. Thanks, Brett