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Help needed

Hi all,

I am new to this forum, I am a post graduate student doing market research for an IT company specialising in In house CMS. They now plan to market their CMS through Software as a Service Delivery model via partners (Web Designers, Web Developers) I am meant to research the market and see if it is viable an option especially with all the open source CMS available. Could you please give me your take on this and also advise me how to go about the whole thing.

Thank you all
Sruti Rudrappa


with the volume of Open Source on the market I think it would be foolish to market a CMS.. People will go for ones that have massive media exposure like Wordpress, which is everywhere and is customisable to the "nth" degree... with the community of other Wordpress users / developers / designers / coders etc etc it will be nigh on impossible to get anywhere near that sort of exposure and support.

I think that it would fall on its face like so many other "pay for" CMS out in the market (like Expression Engine, which is the best pay for CMS out there and even its struggling).

Just my thoughts...

Good luck though. (oh and welcome to DF :) why not post an introduction in the introduction part of the forum?)
hey Chrismitchell
Thank you for your post. Quite useful especially for someone who isn't from an IT background :) So in case I say/ ask something stupid please don't mind my ignorance.
Well what you mentioned in your post does make sense. Why would people want to pay for something that they can get for free. So do you think i could have a survey and interpret the stats to support the outcome to the company? Its just a project placement with them and i have no clue how to go about it as it is my first job :)
Thanks for the help anyways.


By the way, I think you'll find that a lot of Designers do have some sort of IT background too :) I am also the IT person here at work as well as Designer and Webmaster so it can quite commonly be all put together :)
Thanks again. Hopefully sort something out. Well me and IT don't go together. From an Engineering background and went on to do two Masters in Human Resources and International Marketing (Don't ask me why two Masters :p ) So IT is a big No No for me :)
Thanks I need all that and more. Though must say have been able to find my way around this thing a wee bit. I don't really want to give you an impression that I am a total nutter when it comes to IT. Do know the basics.. lol. :D


yes Mike.. just talking in words about CMS's LOL... sorry if that confused you :p :lol: