help needed on this icon into a Letter

hey guys,
iv been racking my brain all day to try and convert this speaker logo into an A its just not sitting right to get the angle the client needs.
any suggestions at all??

the image is to show the angle needed for the A to sit .



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There's a couple of ways I think might work, but why the A? Why not the P or H so it
doesn't break up the word? Or even a separate P. That Boshell is far too small/light btw.


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Could you simplify more? I like Levi's but strip it back a bit more…needs crafting though!!
I just did the "squinty eyed glance" at that and it's starting to work for me in the sense I'm reading it as "PATCH" and then seeing the audio symbol.
It's might be a tricky one to get right but I can see it working.