Help me please


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I am just a Beginner in Graphics Designing..I am using a desktop.I want a Graphics Design Laptop & Wacom Tablet.I am here asking for Projects, preferably Logo Design and help me to earn $5000 - $10000 min so that the money will be useful for me to buy the essential things to improve my knowledge, skills, expand by Graphic Design business...


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woah woah.. slow down first. take a deep breath and take small steps. the longer it takes the better it feels :) trust me!


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LOL... oh I love a person who can dream big but trenzite, what you're asking for just isn't going to happen.

Also, just a side note, money doesn't buy the most important aspect of being a designer..... that's the creativity etc which you can't buy for yourself no matter how much money you have.


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You can buy a laptop for graphic design for about $1000 and you can buy a wacom tablet for about $100.

Improve your knowledge: depends on what you are studying and what type of graphic design you are interested in working in.

A good place to start is - all sorts of courses and stuff there to get you going.

In regards to how much you spend - that's up to you.

Good luck.