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Help me decide please


Junior Member

Building an engraving-like shaded image in vector format is a labour-intensive and tedious task, and it is my current assignment at work. While working, I came up with a way to make this process more accessible and less time-consuming. I want to make an application out of it, but I post here not only to advertise my fantastic-not-yet-existing app, but mostly to find out if there is any need for it in the first place.

The basic principle is: the thickness of a line changes according to brightness of the original picture underneath it.

At least a dozen of different plug-ins and stand alone programs work that way, only that is as far as they go.

Now, if you limit maximum and minimum line width, in the darkest parts one set of parallel lines is not enough, so, perpendicular lines are added. In a similar manner in the brightest parts crossing lines are subtracted turning the main line into a dotted one. Of course, the crossing angle should be adjustable as well as the limits and some other line properties.

What I really need this app for is line shapes, because they are the heart of an ingraving or a scratchboard illustration.

The work-flow itself is divided into three parts:
1. Defining areas with different fills

2, Editing the fills

By default a region is filled with straight vertical lines. Adjusting is done by adding nodes to key shapes and path. Very similar to loft modeling in 3D editors.

There is also a concentric fill type and a list of tiled patterns to choose from.

3. Fine tuning

after the calculation of line widths is done, there is a way to paint changes with push-pull brush.

Done. Save and export into bitmap or vector formats.

Back this up with clever math and wrap into friendly interface and you get a product capable of manipulating very complex sets of lines.

As I said, I'm still not sure if I should invest in the development, so, my main question is: would you like to use such a tool? I set up a simple page to count people here - Doré and I need a hundred of people to convince myself there is a reason to start developing.

Of course, comments are highly appreciated.
Did I miss something important?
Would you like to add something to the process?
Why do you think this program is rubbish?

Thank you