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Help!!!! Keep me awake! Tonight


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.........I'm at some stupid Sleep Deprivation appointment at the hospital tommorow, so I have to stay up all night before they do the tests ( Why? Don't ask - long stupid story. blame the wife!) So....I'm logged on to DF and I"m doing the twilight shift. God help me.
Please post some stories or stuff so I can stay awake and I'll answer and reply to any s*it. USA......bring it on! Australia? are you in bed or or on the beach? Jeez it's going to be a long night....And I'm not suppose to drink! Hello? Hello? Am I the only living boy in New York? ( Simon & Garfunkle - like that song) Ramble Ramble Ramble stay awake stay awake....yawn.......................Hello........keep me awake.............


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If i could drive I would! I keep spending the money I've been saving for lessons on guitars! It's been going on for over 10 years now! And I did it again today!

I do sleep, but after watching a documentary on sleep patterns, I think I am more inline with the trawler men. I tend to sleep for like 4-6 hours at night, get my shit done in the day, quick nap, night stuff, quick nap, work time.

Obviously there are expections, but as a rule I sleep when I get the time too! It all started when I was gigging, in uni and working. If I sat down on a sofa I was out for half hour minimum with seconds of sitting down!

What are you being tested for?


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I've never needed that much sleep.... 4/6 hours a night. I spent 20 odd years gigging straight after work so I would get home about 2 in the morning and be at work for 8.00. Guess it becomes habitual and conditioned after a while. I don't go to bed till after 1.00 and I'm up at work at 6.00 ish. I'm still bright as a button, but because I'm an old fart they think I'm either going to drop down dead, go 'Hungerford' on everyone or I'm a late night porno junkie with sicko tendencies. The wife goes to bed at about 10.00 latest so I'm considered abnormal. My view is I'm just a rocker that refuses to roll over!!!!


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You know the sad thing? A lot of people will never experience seeing the sun come up over the sea as many times as I have.
For that, my affliction is well and truly blessed!


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Hell yeah man! I've had periods like that, 40ish hours in work, 20ish in uni and gigs all over the place!

My ex used to get really annoyed by it! I wake up everyday around half 8, if i need to get up I do, if not back to sleep, then again at half 10...

Having worked so many screwy hours sometimes it just happens!

What was your band like?


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mrp2049 said:
What was your band like?
that's a whole new thread!

Did the Uni's, College circuit, Marquee, Rock Garden.
That close to that elusive record deal with CBS - we lost out on ahead to head with a guy called Terrence Trent D'Arby ( great American vocalist, better than me! and had the moves/ and hips too!)We were a cross between Stax/Blues Brothers ( before anyone knew who they were) Springsteen/U2/Soul- anything that was pure 'live' and soul driv driven - we were shit in a studio tho! But it was deemed our music was too 'live' and not 'commercial'. No regrets, still do' buskers 'nights' each week and still write some own stuff, but it's just for me. Sometimes you just have to accept, you we're just not good enough. But God loves a tryer...YEEHHHHHHHHAAA!!!!!!!!


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Nearly 2.00...... just another 6 hours to go.....

Clicked on the link and i need some upgraded flash version to view/listen...And I'm willing as a shilling to take in some Punk. I do love Punk, not at the time....but I did like what it represented.
I saw...Souixe and the Banshees ( twice) The Dammed, The Jam ( not punk but new wave) John Otway and Wild Willy Barratt, who were more anarchic than the whole Punk scene, Blondie ( shit) Ramones ( NY Punk) New York Dolls ( NY Glam Punk) Boomtown Rats ( Irish Springsteen.New Jersye Punk) Sham 69, Buzzcocks ( shit) Stranglers... ( my longstanding girlfriend pissed off and shacked up that French bass playing twat Jean Jacque Burnell - hate that band!) The Clash... White man in Hammersmith Palias one of my fav tracks.


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I wrote my BA dissertation on the fundamental differences differences between US and UK scenes, obviously from a design point of view, I am more of a fan of the US scene, Black Flag, Minor Threat...but I must confess to adoring Joe Strummer, his solo records are some of my favourite folk albums!

Do you play ay intruments, as a guitar nerd talk could go on all night! Especially considering I bought a new one today!


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Epiphone e400, was really bog standard, but I've done alot of work, new machine heads, new pick ups. I was my first guitar, I am hopelessly attached to it!

My workhorse is this ibanez, nameless model, as I dont know!

not matter what I put it through, it survives! And I love it for that reason. Its proudest moment was surviving a stage dive and not going out of tune!

I've got a squire tele, with a monsterous seymour duncan pick up in it, which I paid more for than the guitar!

Then I have a wonderful epi gothic thunderbird bass.

I have 2 acoustics, one which is by a company called freshman, not a world beater, but it plays well sounds good live and has a nice pick up.

The pride and joy is a 1964 hofner senator gold top acoustic! Classic f holed guitar, its one of the things I would probably run back into my house if it was on fire to save!

And today I bought myself a Fender Jaguar Baritone! Oh yes!!

And I've got a banjo too!

Not the best photo of any of them really!


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Awesome!!! Is that Bill & Ted????? Gonna puke now!
Now the Fender Jaguar Baritone! Is it a bass or a guitar! Godzilla... nice find... very underrated guitar/bass or whatever..... I had a '61 Fender Esquire, original, 1 pickup, sounded like shite, got it from Hugh Cornwall from the Stranglers ( don't ask...long story.....had to do with that prick Jacque J. Burnel and my girlfriend). '62 Gibson 330...smashed its neck into a low ceiling at a gig. After a gig our coach got stolen along with all the gear, lights and PA - that kinda finished us off. I retired gracefully till 3 years ago when I started teaching my son guitar, them i got bitten.
Got a Mcillroy a30 acoustic ( best acoustic ever) Lowden SP35 acoustic, Gibson Starburst acoustic. Gibson 335, ' 82 Fender Strat - I'm a shit player, ( more money than sense ) but I do love craftsmanship - wish i could play as good as I could spend. I love guitars but unfotunetly not a guitarist just an affectionados of guitars. I envy you! At lest your keeping me awake!!!!! Some of the Toys.....

Boys ( Old) and Toys....



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why am i not surprised by the 335! I do like gibson acoustics, I doubt I will ever buy one though, when I get enough money for an expensive one, I will probably end up getting a Martin drednaught! I love anything that is loud!!!

At no point will I admit to being anywhere near decent! I have a terrible memory which means I rarely remember songs other than my own!

The baritone is an odd story, I went to London (oh Denmark street how you taunt me!) to have a look for a new Bass and to try a preamp, sansamp tech 21, wonderful bit of kit, I had every intention of buying one, just wanted to get my hands on it first! I found the preamp in the second shop I went in! I thought to myself it would be rude not to look around first? Last shop I went in, walked through the door and saw a baritone on the wall, thought to myself, well fuck me a baritone! I have never seen one of them in real life! Turns out I was thinking out loud!

The guy took it off the wall, and pointed me in the direction of a Fender Twin Delux, I sat there for an hour. After about 10 minutes the guy told me to turn the dam amp up! I liked him!

I had about £400 spare to spend, sadly the Baritone was £550 at the best price he could do, so I went back and bought the bass pedal slightly dejected!

Couple of days ago, thread about baritones on another board I'm on, someone sold one, I missed my chance, then the guy who bought it offered it to me the other day! I had to buy it!

I've spent the evening playing in A E A D F* B! The guy I bought it from has strung it with 16 - 72, my fingers are practically bleeding, but I am sooo happy!


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meet my ibanez, and sz320 apparently!!

my tele, absolutely love this one! maple neck, rose wood fretboard, simple amazing combination!

similar to my hofner, different headstock and mine has alot more ware. I would get it out for the purposes of a photo, but it is half 3!

the new toy!

this selection does nothing to emphasize how much i like black guitars!


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It's all about the happiness factor.... and what does it for you. sometimes you just gotta have that guitar ( or car, or shoes, whatever) I remember when i got my first job in 76 i went out and bought this £150 cashmere tan overcoat ( bit DelBoy now! ) That was 2 month wages for me then and a pair of Levi jeans were about £15. But the satisfaction i got wearing the coat was priceless. You just gotta do it.

Had a stint playing bass ( still shite!) 1962 pre CBS Precision bass, it was de-fretted by Dick Knight. cept playing the sod live was a nightmare as if you were a millimeter off it sounded out of tune, ( pre- tuner days) so i kept trying to tune up and eventually was so far out of tune that it was torture and the whole band had to stop till we all got in tune...Only Rock n' Roll........


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The Hofners nice!!!! Iwas a buskers night tonight and my friend brought out a similar Hofner, cept with a single pickup and 2 controls. 50 years old and it sounded sweet. Hang on to it.

Do Luuuuuve Teles. Somehow feel more solid than Strats, one dimensional sound though....


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I have a slightly different problem with the t-bird, it is sooooo neck heavy! If you let go of it for even a fraction of a second gravity wins out! Now if I was taller, I'm 5'10, it would be such a problem!

Everytime you let go of it the headstock hits the floor! Sounds amazing though.

I have seen the later hofners, 60s, with pick ups, I have no idea if mine ever came with a pick up. I will never sell it, my auntie gave it to me just after my uncle died, he loved it and I love it even more for that reason. He was properly obsessed with Johnny Cash and country hence the choice of guitar! So obsessed with Johnny Cash infact his daughter is called Sue!

My tele is an absolute monster, it sounds nothing like a tele which is an achievement in itself!

I am far to cheap to spend lots of money on clothes! My biggest bank breaker is guitars, equipment, CDs and records!

Dare I ask about amps? My Dad still bares a tiny grudge against my mother for making him sell his AC30! So do I to be honest! I would love one!


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Had an AC30 ...the valves kept going! H/H Combo's were the hot things of the day. Never been into the Marshall stack thing. Was in metal band called Raven in '75, All Marshall stacks, god forbid.... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raven_(band)
wonder why the wiki link doesn't copyand pastec??????
I left cos it was shite and only wanted to do Staus Quo songs ( I left and John took over the vocals) - and they went on to play Madison Square Garden and live in LA and i still live in Newcastle!