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Help! Illustrator to PDF is freezing

Hi guys.
I'm wondering if anyone can help. My Illustrator has suddenly done a wobbly on me and suddenly freezes up when I try to save an .ai file to PDF. This never happened before now suddenly non-stop for days. Any ideas? I'm not very tech-literate so if someone could be kind enough to write me a layman's guide to solving this, that'd be amazing.

Tony Hardy

If you don't mind losing your settings, you can reset your Illustrator files by deleting a preferences file. I'll have a look how when I get two minutes!
Oh my goodness Squiddy - I've done that and there's nothing now when I open Illustrator. I am being told there are no export filters and it said I'd lost a lot of functions. Any way I can revert to what I had after hitting Alt + Ctrl + Shift??


If you save a file and then restart Illy, it should re-create the setting/preference files and toolbars etc should come back.


Staff member
doricdesign said:
Thanks Scotty. Where would I find my prefs folder? See what I mean about not being so tech-literate...?
I usually just go to the folder and do it manually.
Not sure about the freezing. Hmmmm?
You'll get your tool box and folders back on by going to the 'Windows' menu and clicking them back on.
Then spend a week trying to put them back how you had them before you eventually give up like me.
I hate Illustrator sometimes.