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help for my thesis about design!!

I need your help for my thesis research about design and perception of Made in Italy. If you have some minutes could you complete my survey, it's anonymous and requires only 10 minutes. Please, I have to collect a lot of answers, it's the only way to have success with my university research!!!

This is the link of the survey: https://it.surveymonkey.com/s/perception_of_design

Thanks for your time and support!



Sean Lee-Amies

10 minutes is a lot of time really... for a survey. Am I right in saying that you have posted this in multiple places, without really getting involved in any of the communities? What you have access to here, and many other forums, is access to industry professionals that have the capacity to help you out so much more than simply filling out a survey for you and likely never hearing from you again.

Judging by the first three questions of your survey, they appear to be very basic and non specific. Other than completing your thesis, you would probably be better off chatting with a professional designer for an hour or two in a pub.


Well-Known Member
So basically, the quantity of answers is more important than the quality of them. They are very generic and meaningless, even allowing for the fact that English is obviously
not your first language. I didn't get through many more than Sean, but surely you could come up with three or four carefully thought out questions which people might be
bothered to answer?


Staff member
I stopped after the first question... it made me think too hard... seriously you want us to say what design is to a designer, that in itself could take more than 10mins.

If you want people to do these types of survey's make them simple, multiple choice or yes/no type answers because 10mins is a long time for a survey.