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Hi everyone.

just thought i'd sign up to my 1st graphic design forum to maybe get some advice and help down the road. i am from sheffield but the design industry is non existent is just dead up here, sheffields not exactly a vibrant, exciting city like manchester, birmingham, london, leeds etc, so planning on relocating possibly to london, any advice on places are welcome :)

hopefully il get a few posts in and get to know some of you,

Hi Mikeymo!

I'm also a fellow Sheffielder and newcomer to the Graphic Design forum! I've just been having a good look around the discussions and members who regularly contribute and looks like it'll be fun being part of this community where we can share advice amongst general chit chat.

I hear what you're saying about the Sheffield scene although having graduated last summer, I've always thought to give Sheffield a chance, it's an up and coming city so I've stuck to my guns and bagged a placement at a good company called Square One.

As a newcomer to the industry I can only offer partial advice but ride the storm, give Sheffield a chance!

Hi to everyone else too!! :icon_biggrin:

Hey guys thanks for kind welcomes

Hey Smiffin....wow how did you come about getting the placement at square one, how longs the placment? sounds good that.....i have lost faith in Sheffield to be honest or maybe I just havnt looked deep enough in what the city has to offer. That company you have placment with is close to where i live, i cant believe i not heard of the company, damn i must be doing something wrong haha
It's been tough getting placements mikeymo but I just sent out lots of speculative CV's far and wide of Sheffield, it just happens that the Square One guys got back to me before the others and offered me a generous Month placement (then we'll see how it goes from there :icon_wink: )
I'm still on the look out now for other opportunities but it seems like a very tough industry to crack at the minute! Hang in there though mate, if your not fussed about where you go, be like a one man CV spamming machine and bombard people like I did until somebody gives in! :icon_smile:

it's onwards and upwards from here on!! :icon_biggrin:
Hey mate, thats good then. Did you email your cv to to companies or posted them so it was like direct mail cv type of thing? I think i need to start redoing my portfolio for clients, i went to an interview with a design agentcy, he said that the traditional a3 portfolio is going to be replaced soon with new formats coming in like getting work published in book portfolio etc