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Is it mmeeeeeeee your looking for... I can see it in your eyes, but you..erm...:rolleyes:..wrong forum.


I'm Jamie, I'm sure a few of you guys know me from another business forum ;).

I'm a PC Specialist. As I build liquid cooled overclocked machines for gamers and hardcore workstation users alike. I also build pcs to customers budgets and if they tell me what they want to use the PC for, I'll spec it to their/your needs.

My websites are in my signature.

I offer a cheap website design implementation service based around the Joomla CMS and I'm looking to expand on my skills for creating templates for Joomla. So I hope some of you maybe able to help.

I'm a nutter but you can be honest and upfront with me.

I come from Nottingham originally, but moved to Cornwall when I was just 7 so I've done most of my growing up here in Newquay.

Cya around the forum!

Jamie :clap:


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Hi Jamie,

Thanks for joining, good to see you here, and welcome to Design Forums!
There's some nice kit on your site :)