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Hey everyone,
My username is creativewhale obviously, but you can just call me Dalton. Currently, I am a freelance designer. I mainly do graphic design, but I also code websites. I am working on my portfolio right now, mainly trying to get a job in graphic design or something similar. I have been doing graphic design for about 3 years now, and although I am still young, I hope to improve quickly and to become successful soon.

okay, phew, now that I got that off my chest, tell me about yourselves. :]


Hi Dalton, my name is Chris, i'm the evil side of everyone's personality, in fact i'm a figment of everyones imagination too :)


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Hi Dalton,

Welcome to Design Forums, you'll find a sea of inspiration in the forums, see what I did there? with your creative whale username... anyway.. I'm Greg, I started Design Forums with the intention of making a cool place to network with fellow design professionals and freelancers, so far, so good. I hope you find the forums useful, how old are you? do you currently freelance?



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Hi Dalton, I'm Berry.. but you can call me God, Omnipotant One, Crusher of the Critique, Slayer of the Serpent called Tim and Keeper of the Book of Life.
I can tell there is alot of creativity floating around here. I guess i'm in the right place then. :]

I just turned 16 about a month ago. So, I am still super young.
Right now, I don't exactly freelance because I don't have a website or much work to show.
So, I am just using Crowdspring.com right now, which has worked for a while.
But now I really want to move forward and get a website up and really concentrate on creating a super good portfolio.
I am hoping that joining this forum I can get some good inspiration and good critiques on my design pieces.