Wow the first female I have seen round here for one :icon_smile:

I just checked out your site! Looks very snazzy, what software do you use?

Get back to me anyway,

Oh yeah :icon_biggrin: WELCOME TO THE FORUMS!!

thanks everyone for the kind words!!

I am thrilled at the amount of feedback I received after my first logo critique post, what a great site!

Kate....For design I use the Adobe Creative Suite 3.
for my website...I used mac's Iweb...I am still in the process of learning flash/dremweaver
Oh cool, I was just wondering which programs within the Adobe Suite? :icon_confused:

"Mac's IWeb" Just had a look at that, looks really good actually, shame I don't have a Mac :icon_mad:

I think Flash you will get to grips with in no time, and Dreamweaver is pretty good, but i still have to grasp the CSS side of it, but anyway a good site for tutorials to help is:

Photoshop Tutorials and Flash Tutorials - Tutorialized

Which has loads of easy to follow tutorials, for a lot of design programs, well have a look anyway and see what you think. :icon_smile:
In the Adobe Creative Suite 3 :

I use illustrator for designing logos/graphics and sometimes stationery

....indesign to create brochures, forms and all of my layout based projects

....photoshop for photo manipulation

I will check out the dreamweaver site..thanks! :icon_smile:
You know if there is any sites for like absolute beginners? (in Illustrator)

Because some of the tools they go on about in the tutorials don't even show! :icon_cursing:


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Photoshop is more for photo manipulation, it can be used for many other things but is raster based software, Illustrator is vector based and a great program to learn for graphic design.
Both are very useful for graphic design. Photoshop is much more than photo manipulation, you can pretty much do anything on it these days. Illustrator concentrates on a small segment of design, but pulls it off magnificently.

That's just my opinion on it anyway.
I've played a little with Xara and it looks like an awesome tool, I would love to have a few weeks just to play with it. It's also vector-based. Not available for Mac unfortunately.