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Hi guys, nice to meet you all! I currently work in TV as a runner, doing all the things no one else wants to do, which mainly involves making coffee. Still, could lead somewhere someday, right?


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Hi there welcome to the forum.

Are you looking for a job in media? Journalist, presenter, editor, cameraman etc...? At least you have a foot in the door. Would a runner of tea be a promotion? :D
I haven't really decided what direction I want to move in yet but, as you say, my foot is in the door and it's not the worst position to be in. As for tea, I already do that too at no extra cost, I swear my brewing talents are being wasted here! Good thing about being a runner is that you tend to do a bit of everything so I've worked with camera crews before, seen some of the editing in process and stuff so it's all good experience for when I do make a decision. I even get to meet the occasional D-grade celebrity!

Paul Murray

Staff member
Welcome to the forum. I was originally looking to do something in film/media but the thought of having to be a tea-slave put me right off :icon_biggrin:
Yeah, it's not ideal and it can often be stressful but I don't hate it! Everyone above you wants you for themself so the best thing to do is decide who the most important people are and make them your priority. It's impossible to please everyone so ignore the whiny middle people and pander to the producers!