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This is a new place for me to talk about design practices in general, as well as finding creative genius and opportunities to sell our wares.

Buchanan Dean Design is a family run business and works across many sectors including public, private and third sector markets. We do fmcg (fast moving consumer goods) work, specifically packaging for major clients such as Toys R Us and Del Monte, amongst others. Business has become increasing tough as many companies now expect free pitches, which - in my opinion - should be a criminal offence :) In what other industry do people work and give away their best ideas for FREE? None! That's my public moan out of the way and I will always try to keep my feeling on this matter purely professional.

We are currently working with a lean team and often require the services of design professionals, who can hit a job running. We work in all the major programmes and have the latest Macs (well nearly the latest - they release new ones faster than ever now!) We have a particular need right now for a web developer who can build CMS (Content Management Systems) and potentially use JShop. We are also on the lookout a for Social Media guru, who is great at using this new marketing platform for maximum results.

We have a printing.com franchise and have a good supply of trade-printers, so can supply any job at fantastic prices should you or anyone you know be in the market for printed material, exhibitions etc.

I hope this forum proves to be an exciting place to find new talent and to find a platform for our decades of design experience (makes me sound very old :)