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Hello! :)

Hi welcome.

- You have a logo (I think) under the image with zoria creations on, which you can't see and just doesn't look good.
- The top header image, looks like it's linked, but it isn’t.
- The drop-down menu for the products you can't read over the background. There's no contrast at all.
- The fonts are poor to be honest.
- The contact form has no context, what I mean is, it has the option to add an attachment, why would I need to do this?
- The error messages for the contact form could be done better if I'm honest.

Did you use a template? It has that impression.

Personally, and I think some people may agree with me, is that if you have a designer do the job for you, it would look a lot more professional, or use a better template designed for a shopping system.

Sorry, if this seems a bit harsh, but you wanted a critique and it will be better in the longer term.


Hello, thanks for looking, it seems there was a problem when we made changes earlier it didn't upload properly. All should be okay now, can you have a look again and let me know what you think now? thanks :)
No being funny, but it's poor. It smacks of a do-it-yourself website. And the product photography isn't great either. Which is a shame, because the products are really nice. You need to get someone in to help you.
Ok. It's still not great. As SparkCreative said the photography is poor, and the large text makes it look too amateurish. It all makes it look untrustworthy, customers need something to look safe and secure as well as easy to use to buy something. From a personal point of view, I wouldn't buy something from that site, because it doesnt look like a professional site, the products look great, but the site and ordering doesnt.

There's no way that I can go back and look at my basket either, or anyway to see how much the sub-total is.

It needs a redesign.


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I agree with all that's said above. Looks like its done by an amateur - stylish jewellery - not a good website!

Would you expect a webdesigner to make great jewellery?

Get someone who really knows what they're doing (and a photographer!)
This certainly does look like a do it yourself job, no offense indended but like everyone has said, in this instance you need a professional to give you a selling site. I too wouldn't buy from there as it seems untrustworthy. You could get around this with purely a decent design job but to be fair a lot more work would need to be done to make it sell.

Just be careful who you pick IF you go down this route though and research into any designer/developer that you choose to do the work. There are plenty of exellent designers on here of which I may also be looking to use to outsource some projects to.

Anyhow, keep us all updated on what you choose to do.

Take care, and have a great day. Back to work for me :)