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Hello everyone,

I have a background as an artist and animator, aspiring to become a professional graphic designer, working at another job fulltime.
I want to focus myself on logo/icon design and typography and handlettering, learning to do some decent photography/videography aswell as these skills are really a nice (complementary) addition.
Originally from the netherlands and moved to belgium a while ago, living together with my boyfriend (who is a freelancer) in a cozy apartment.

Looking forward to create a great portfolio to end up working for a studio gaining some inhouse experience and meeting you guys!
My end goal is to be able to become an independent designer and be able to run a couple more projects on the side and moving further abroad and traveling around.
Since Belgium turned out to be quite expensive, we're looking forward to move to a country that is a bit more affordable :)

Please, if anyone has been on this road already, feel free to share some of your experiences about finding a job, immigrating and culture differences (bad or good) I'd love to hear them!