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New Member
Hey everyone, I'm new to graphics design and pretty much anything graphics at all. Just some amateur sketching. Not related. I've been looking for a good starting point in learning graphics design and found this forum to be on the top graphics forums list.

I'm hoping this will be a good place for a beginner.

Also, I have Adobe CC 2015 & Adobe CS6 (2012)
Of the 2, which would be better for a beginner? If it matters, the kinda graphics I'd like to learn is like forum stuff. i.e. forum avatars, signatures, threads, and similar types of graphics.

Paul Murray

Staff member
Welcome to the forum. Best to learn the most recent version of the software since it's the most up to date, though there isn't much difference in the main way the main apps function through the iterations. Creative Cloud offers some new features such as a 'Cloud library' (which can be a pain to use) and multiple artboards in Photoshop (again, can be cumbersome if you're coming from older versions or other software). The core features shouldn't be too different though.

For the sort of stuff you want to produce you'll typically be working in Photoshop, though I'd learn Illustrator too as it's handy for vector graphics. A good tip is to create your text in Illustrator and copy paste into Photoshop as vector smart objects. This allows you to scale, rotate, whatever, the text without it pixelating. Working with text in Photoshop isn't really recommended as it just lacks features and often produces ugly outputs if you don't know what you're doing.