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Hi all

Have just joined your community. It looks like a good place for advice and to offer what advice I have.

A bit about me?

Last year I finished part time college in website software level 3 (Dreamweaver), and I have been doing many tutorials on Lynda.com for Photoshop/Illustrator and Dreamweaver too.

My Plans?

To create a great portfolio website promoting all of the above so I can find employment in the industry. (currently work in hospitality)

Well that's it really, I hope to see you around the boards.


Senior Member
Hi, Welcome to the forum.

My advice would be to distance yourself from Dreamweaver as soon as you can.
After a while you will discover that the information here and this free piece of software are better for you than Dreamweaver.


New Member
I just joined the forum too. I am a web developer and my expertise in PHP and MySQL. I am trying to gain some new skills in graphic design so I can design my own graphics. I recently purchased a copy of Photoshop and have been playing with it.