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I have over 3 years past experience in the design field.
I am comfortable in Logo Design and Brand Identity, but I want to stretch further afield into Web Design territory too :)
I have recently formed GibbonIt, here is a bit about it from an extract on my website:

GibbonIt is an interesting mix of old and new. We are a father/son business, a tradition centuries old. On the other hand, we were one of the first international design firms to fully embrace the global opportunities created by world-wide instantaneous communication. We specialise in understanding the reason you and your company exist... We learn with you about your vision, your mission, your aspirations and your goals ...and transform that energy into crisp, modern graphics. We can help your brand and business collaterals to instantly communicate who you are, whether you are just starting up or are already internationally recognised.
I hope I am welcome here and look forward to working alongside other designers.

Sean Lee-Amies

Hello! Welcome to DF! :)
Do you have a portfolio or anything, we'd love to have a look!
Hey Sean.
I do have a draft folio/website from designs a while back.
You can take a look if you want:
Its still in the development stages.
To view it just click on the visitor access button and enter the code.
I would be interested in any improvements you may have with the site too (I know that bit should go in the critique section). But the main point is so that you can see some examples of my work.
Your welcome, glad you like it.
The logo featured is a quick draft one I used as a placeholder as I do not have the real files on my MacBook Air, just my desktop.
I will update you with the fully complete site with the updated logo once the site is fully complete.
Thanks for checking it out

Sean Lee-Amies

It's great to see someone take so much interest in DF! Keep it up Gibbon, we need people like you to help drive the community forward! :)