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hello! :)

hi there,

I'm a final degree year student majoring in
Design Communication - Image & Communication :)

I've always had the passion for the arts since I was a lil girl
& I'm glad that I've pursued my dreams till this very stage.
cant wait to go on with my life into the design world/industry!

now i'm currently doing a project on Creative block &
would personally need some responses from creative professionals.

If you guys could spare a minute or two, hopefully you could fill up this short
questionnaire for me! it'll be much appreciated <3

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dEk3aXV3M2diTm1LdkJNSE84YWt0THc6MQ :clap:


welcome to the forum.. I have deleted your other 2 posts with your spreadsheet, as they are the same post.