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Hi people

I have to admit I have joined as need urgent help with something,

Due to just becoming a new mum, I may not find the time to commit to this forum just yet.... I however do hope to start building a great portfolio of work and relearning things while on mat leave.

My skill set could be much better, I have been out of touch for over a year (due to a normal admin job and now being a new mum to a 7 week old baby boy)

I am more of an artist then a graphic designer (which I am hoping to change) I would love to improve myself to gain a job/work freelance one day...

Nice to meet you all.... hope to be around more when baby is a little older :)
welcome, I'm also an artist and found it very useful with my graphic design. I also developed my art skills into starting illustration work, definitely something worth thinking about if you've got a good artistic background.