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Hi my name is Gemma Baijnath and I am second year Graphic Design student at Nottingham Trent University.
I'm looking for an opportunity to take part in some work experience for a creative design company in London if possible.
Does anyone have any suggestions? Such as where to look? I've already contacted a few agency's via email but no replies yet.
Thank you, Gemma :)
Hi Gemma welcome to the forum. As usual google is your friend, there are hundreds of design companies in london. Best thing to do is just browse through them, see which ones you like the style and get in touch. Make sure you have your portfolio at hand and keep on pushing to get a placement.
Thanks for the welcome :)
Google was my starting point for my search and I've contacted quite a few design companies in London and the surrounding area.
I do indeed have my portfolio and CV at the ready. Now comes the waiting and more googling though!