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Hey there, i'm new to using forums so i hope i'm doing this right!
I'm an Interior Design student at Teesside University hoping to meet some lovely people interested in design the same as myself! :) x


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Hey and welcome to the forums :) hope you enjoy it here.
We have another interior design student on here that wasnt happy she was the only one :p


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Heya and welcome. And if you're looking for lovely people, you won't be disappointed. :) I've found most here to be wonderful.


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Hi Sarah,

Welcome to DF! :)
So far so good with using the forums, any questions just PM me or stick a thread in Feedback/Off-Topic, sure it won't take you long to get used to the way the forums work. Which year are you in with your interior design course?

allyally2k said:
Glen what you doing for new year, you in boro?
Hey Alex!

Funny you posted that in this thread!! I went to sarahbarkers house party hehe! It was in Darlington and it was a little messy, did you have a good time, were you in boro?