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Junior Member
ok, I’m new to this peoples and there are so many different titled forums to post under; so i wasn't sure where to post!

i haven't actually got any technical questions etc but wouldn't mind being thrown a few ideas to get me going with a project.

i have to design some promotional material for a sports pitch consultants who are trying to sell there services through building schools for future.
Basically architects and contractors who win the entire projects from each county council need or at least should employee these guys so that the artificial sports pitches/facilities that are planned in the new school buildings will be up to regulations and standards set by tennis, football, hockey and all the various governing bodies.

I only have a few basic ideas as nothing has jumped out at me yet, so any ideas, a nice theme as a basis or any form of inspiration would be much appreciated.
Also as I am a footy nut anyway, I seem to be focusing too much on that and need to be steered away from that direction