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Junior Member
i have been told to introduce myself, so here it goes:
I am a human being who has had the privilege to, so far, live through two centuries. I like a variety of things and dislike a variety of other things.

I do not really have a clue what to expect from this site but thought it would be useful and perhaps prudent to send out some design issues and problems that I may need to overcome and have a perspective of people who are actually interested in problem solving for design purposes; as my office companions input is something on the lines of “shut up and draw something pretty”.

I currently need some ideas for an advert for a consultancy who design and project manage artificial sport facilities to be constructed. The advert, leaflet and package is being aimed to receive work off the mighty "Building Schools for the Future" project.
Any brainstorming ideas and thoughts are welcome if of course that is what happens on this site!?!

Tom Sound

Active Member
Watcha Crivens, you'll fit in just right here being a human.
Maybe start a new thread for your question, what is an artificial sports facility, a Nintendo Wii? :D


Junior Member
Thank you peoples.
Ha you have given a bit of a random idea with the Wii comment although it will just be for snits and giggles rather than work related.
So is this not the main forum?