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Was wondering how to introduce myself, considered how many different ways one can say 'Hi'...but that's already been done. Then thought to myself why not just begin with a simple "Hello" so...


I graduated with an architectural diploma about a month ago...so am wondering what response I'll get from a non-architectural deisgn forum! Eek...I've still got the formal qualification bit to be called an 'architect' to do bu mostly finally my education is over! woohoo!

I've been thinking about freelancing considering the lack of jobs out there and the freelancing thread's been really helpful! If anyone knows of people looking for Part 2 Architectural Assistants or the like please let me know! :up: (Sorry for this cheekyness hehe!)




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Hi Sadiqa,

Welcome to Design Forums! Apologies for the Barry-ness of your introduction thread, it looks like Berry has finally had enough of people mis-typing his name! ;)

So what are your plans with your architecture diploma? It takes 7 years to fully qualify as an architect doesn't it?! I have the domain ArchitectureForums.co.uk, so you never know there could one day be a spin-off forum :)

Thanks, hope you enjoy DF.
Thanks for the welcomes! lol Hopefully I won't mis-spell anyone's names! I know how it feels when people put a 'u' after the 'q' hmm...:) But you guys are cool none of that so far! :clap:

Yup architecture usually takes 7 years! but with my work experiences so far it's been more :sad: technically I've got 2 yrs left (1yr experience 1 yr final case study exam etc) before I'm fully qualified....but that depends on me finding work under an architect! :cry: Hopefully it'll work out!


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Cool, yeah I remember researching it when I was younger, but the time to qualify was the thing that put me off, oh and the mathematics side of things! Sure it will be well worth it once you are qualified, financially speaking at least! :)

I know a couple of people working in Architect's firms down my way (East Kent) are you looking for something London based I take it?
My uncle actually inspired me to complete the studies...I was gonna leave architecture behind after the degree but he said that it would mean having an incomplete career, if that makes any sense? The course length is the biggest drawback (along with the expense) but yeah hopefully all worth it in the end, gotta see the positives! It's all a misconception needing maths and physics to study architecture (I did neither at A-levels) as long as you have basic understanding of these, use common sense and have an art or graphics background you'd be fine. But obviously both do help technical aspects...

I'm looking in London and anywhere a good commutable distance...trying to be open minded at this stage, can't be too fussy in the current climate...:sad: Plus planning to learn 2/3 other drawing packages so I can apply for wider range of jobs.


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Sounds good, I was under the impression the maths and physics side of it was a bigger requirement.
Good luck with the search, I'm sure something will come up :up: