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Junior Member
I'm an Art Director, GUI Designer & UX Designer based in Bath, UK.

I specialise in design for websites, web applications & software, as well as creating brands and identities.

This site looks great. I look forward to contributing!:)


Active Member
Hi Stu,

Welcome to Design Forums, and thanks for joining!
Do you work for an agency in Bath or on a freelance basis?

Look forward to hearing more from you :)
Cheers, Greg


Junior Member
Hey Greg,

I run a User Experience Design Studio & Consultancy in Bath, called Super User Studio Ltd. We've not been going that long, hence not having the company website up yet.

Thanks asking me to join.



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Hi Stu, welcome to the forum.

Just had a look at your site, looks very cool and some nice work their! - Good to see!

Looking forward to hearing/seeing more!


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Excellent sounds good Stu.
I've just had a look through your work photos uploaded to the portfolio section on here, some amazing work there, with those projects was you involved through every stage as the UX designer?


Junior Member

In answer to your question, I was involved in leading the process of UX design on all the projects shown, (apart from the print ones of course!). They do vary in terms of testing though, for example BBC Comedy Soup had the most thorough process which involved user testing and scenarios etc...

Thanks for the portfolio compliment!