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Hi Fleuron Design,

Welcome to Design Forums! Your portfolio looks really good, some awesome work in there and some really big clients, do you work on your own or is Fleuron an agency with a number of designers, etc?

Look forward to hearing more from you.
Hi Fleuron,

Welcome to the Forums, just had a quick browse of your site some really nice work in there lots of different mediums and styles.

See you around

Thanks for all the comments..
I work freelance and trade under the name Fleuron Design Ltd. I occasionally work from home for clients direct and also through a branding consultancy in London.


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Cool, your site and client list certainly gives the impression of an agency with a whole team of designers! What's your name Fleuron Design? As it feels a bit rude to keep referring to you as your company name! :) Greg
Hi Greg,
My name is Darren, I've been freelancing as a sole trader for well over 10 years and had to go Limited, so I thought it was a good opportunity to establish myself..

I don't want to give people the wrong impression, but I'm a one man band..

I usually work with a friend who runs a publishing company and get passed on work through his company. I also have some local clients for regular work and I freelance for an agency in London.



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Hi Darren, that's cool, sounds like you have a lot of experience freelancing for a variety of clients then, I look forward to hearing more from you. Greg