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I saw this linked from Design Observer this morning, interesting looking site, it'd be cool to get a couple of motion/moving image design forums here too...?

My Name's Matt, from 2003 until this September I ran a small studio in West London doing motion, film direction and print design. I also do the odd stint as a part time tutor at a couple of colleges in London. I'm out of the studio now and kind of working in a freelance capacity for the foreseeable future, or until someone wants to employ me.

So that's me. I'm working on a portfolio site (which will have the same work as my company site, but with my name at the top instead of the studio's). I'll post in the relevant forum when it's ready.



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Hi Matt,

Welcome to Design Forums, good to hear you found us from the link on Design Observer :)
Definitely up for adding more forum areas if the interest is there, the thinking behind the current forum setup was just to cover the major disciplines that designers might be searching for and then extend as and when required. I know there's been a few mentions of adding a forum for associated areas such as photography and video, so it could be a good time to setup a poll and see where the interest lies in that way.

Sounds like you have some great experience from your previous roles and college tutor work, looking forward to hearing more from you and seeing your portfolio when it's ready.