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Hello ......


New Member
Hi, I have joined up with this forum as I really need to up my skills, I started my clothing business a while back, mainly concentrating on T-Shirts etc, my designs(were not good)sold ok, but I decided to get help with the business side of things, that I have acheived quite well, got the backing of the local university, this gives me access to clothing designers to broaden my range, and I am in the process of getting funding for a dtg printer to produce my own shirts, I will also have access to marketing experts etc, but I have no real confidence in my own ability to produce really professional looking designs....I am just hoping reading the experts posts, I may at some point have a eureka moment!!!

I have spent two days trying to produce a vectorised(I think that is the correct name) person, copied from a photo, just to give you an idea of my lack of ability

Hopefully soon I will be in a position to pay someone on here to take over my worries, but I'm not just there yet. :icon_frown:




Staff member
Welcome Shaun.

Good luck with your clothing business.

You really should practice practice practice! There's plenty of Illustrator tutorials to do exactly as you describe.

Beware, that even if you take a photo and vectorise it it doesn't mean you hold the copyright.

Beware of infringing copyrights and be sure to get the correct licenses or permission for reprinting other people's work or faces (model release forms)


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Cheers mate.

yeah it was just a photo of my son, as I'm just trying to get the hang of it, with not much luck to be fair, once again thanks.