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Hello. Yo. Hi. Hey.

Hello :icon_smile:

I've never really been part of a forum specifically for graphic design and having recently graduated I thought it was about time I pulled my finger out and seriously started networking. So here I am. I've been interested in graphic design since I was 15, I've carried my interest through my education and now currently work freelance. I like to think I'll become a regular here and will start posting whenever I get free time :thumb: At the moment I work mostly in the music industry where I design everything from album artwork through to concert posters. I look forward to exploring the forum, everyones work and of course meeting new folk.

I think it's good to network on social media platforms too so here's my twitter and instagram, I'll follow people back :icon_biggrin: I post a lot of my latest work, exploration and inspiration on instagram.



Kindest, Josh.