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Hello world.

Major Tom

Junior Member
Hey there,

My name is Arnar, I'm 21 and from Iceland. I've dabbled in Graphic Design for almost a decade now (I probably shouldn't use words like that, makes me feel older than I am), most recently completing a sort of year-out program in Graphic Design in Norway.

I'm here mainly because my application to begin University for a B.A. in the Graphic Design this coming fall was rejected (granted, I only applied to one place because I wanted to study in Iceland) and I want to rework my whole portfolio for next year's try. So, I guess I'm here for help and inspiration.

Think I'll go lurk around, see if I can join in on the conversation anywhere. ;)



Nice to meet you :) I don't think I've met someone from Iceland on here before!

Do you have any examples of work you've completed so far that we might be able to see? :)