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Hello World - a message from London :)


New Member
Hi Everyone!

I'm Sam and I'm new to the GDF forums. Just starting out with design - lots of stuff on paper but going to start moving into on the computer now :)

A bit about me - I'm 17, live in London (hence the thread title) and I'm currently doing my A Levels :)

Glad to be here and looking forward to chatting to peeps :p


Sam :)


New Member
Cheers PriyeshDesign!

I'm currently studying Maths, Biology, Physics and Business. Nothing design related! It's just my favourite hobby :)

What about you? Studying or work?
Cool, well that's how design starts:

Hobby to passion, passion to profit :D


I'm a graphic web designer in the look out for an opportunity but also have freelance in mind as well.