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Hello to all from a new web copy writer

Hi everyone,

I'm not sure if this is the right place for me but I stumbled across some interesting posts and thought why not?

I have been a freelance web copy writer and content creator for some time and am now in the process of setting up business for myself, offering various writing services, tone of voice guidelines, content ideas etc..

I have no idea on web design or site promotion so I hope to pick up some useful tips. I have my own domain and so far considering using a template from somewhere like yola so I can get up and running quickly with the idea to design something more appealing over time.

Anyway, hello to all and hopefully I'll be able to contribute something useful to your forum as well gaining some insight for myself.


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Hi TidyWords,

Welcome to Design Forums, good to see you decided to register & post, we don't have a specific copywriting section on the forums yet, but it's definitely something that has been considered before :)

Look forward to seeing you around the forums.