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Hello there!!!

Having worked on the sales of hardware of printing products from inkjet/toner proofers to digital presses I was so fed up of getting negative comments from clients that I decided to join as printing forums as i could to find out the issues that designers, printers etc face in the modern world I even went as far as enrolling at print college in Leicester last year to do a short course on Litho printing again to understand the non digital side of printing. On here I will if anyone needs it give any advice around towards the mystery that is WEB2PRINT and also anything around VDP software and digital presses from either smaller proofers to full presses. I look forward to the forums on here and also to hopefully sharing some banter with you people on here. Javed

What exactly went wrong to get so many negative opinions from clients? What printer do/did you use for digial printing/ and/or litho? Hope I can help you :)