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Hello there


Junior Member
Hello everyone

First time on a design forum so be gentle with me. I'm a freelance Graphic designer residing in South Wales, recently graduated from University a year ago and looking to make a bit of a name for myself in the design world. I've joined this forum to basically get any hints or tips some people may have about cracking into the industry and getting my name out there as a professional designer, any help or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

I have a blog on tumblr: kate gribble design

and I have recently launched a portfolio website

KG Design - Home (domain name is temporary at the moment but shall be getting a more permanent one in the near future)

I also publish my work on a online art site the following is my profile page on it

Kate Gribble - photos and artworks by Kate Gribble - ARTFLAKES.COM

I mainly specialize in illustration work as that is what i enjoy doing the most, but I have experience in logo design and branding, publication design, web design and advertising.

Thank you for reading hope to hear from you all soon