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Hello There


I'm John, I am a 20 year old university student currently doing a degree in Multimedia Development at UCLAN.

I have been interested in Photoshop from a young age, now trying to learn Flash for my course, and greatly needing to improve my HTML/CSS for web design, and wanting to teach myself more about illustrator also.

I love looking at what others can do, it is both inspiring and pretty disheartening when I realise I wish I could do it too. :p

Needing to make myself a new website, so I won't link one.

Greg said:
Welcome to DF John!
Are you in the first year of your course?
I am in my second year, the first year was pretty poor, due to it being a universal first year, so did lots of stuff like programming which I am not good at, in the slightest. =p

Thanks guys.