Hello people, i'm new!


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Hello everyone! I just registered on this forum and it seems cool!

I am a french guy living in Prague, Czech Republic (because the beer is cheap!) and I started my career as a freelance graphic designer in January 2019. I've never done any studies in this field, I recently graduated from a business school in Paris. I love design and all the process around it, and I have the business background that is somehow helping me a little bit in looking for clients. Ah, and also, with a friend we are building a website together and the dream would be to create a web & design agency. He's into coding, UX and UI.

I was looking for a forum on graphic design in order to share my work, have feedback, and just talk to other designers, without going through social media, that I think are important but I just can't.. Later, i'll come back to it, but i'm not sure they are the right tools for me now! Time will tell me.

As for forums, i've been on several when I was teenager, so I know how it works, and it's actually very nostalgique to be here :oops:

Anyways, see you on the forum and i'm really looking forward to exchange with you guys!


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Hey and welcome to GDF. :D

Sadly, many of the design forums have died a death and only last week or so one of my fave's (AIF) closed after 20 years but we have a fairly active base here.


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Thank you!
I am also on GraphicDesignForum.com which seems pretty active. But yeah, I guess forums are not as mainstream as before..
But my purpose is to be active, share and meet people!


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There is an exception for people from Chesterfield (speaking as a Mansfield man)! :)